General Research: Rate $15. per hour contribution plus cost of photocopies and postage.

Please provide us with a description of your research problem and tell us how many hours of research you want done at the above rate. Send the first $15 and your address with your first request. You will be billed for the balance of research costs upon completion of research.

Whenever possible, you will receive a photocopy of the record or if that is not possible, a transcription of the record. Cost of photocopies: 25 cents each, plus postage by weight. You will be provided with a summary of the research results and if your request better fits another area, we will refer you to another genealogy association for action.

If you require further research, an estimate of further research time will be provided upon request. We cannot guarantee results, but will give your request a thorough effort. You are welcome to visit our center and do your own research. Volunteers are available to assist you.